As the air starts to become cooler, now is the time to have your HVAC unit and furnace inspected. This can be beneficial because your home can be warm and comfortable for the upcoming winter for you and your family.


The first thing is to have us come and inspect the furnace. This way you can ensure that the parts and components are working correctly with one another. If there is an issue, we can inspect it and have it repaired before you may need to use the furnace. We can also inspect the filter to ensure that it is clean from any dirt, dust, and debris from your home.


You should also have the ductwork inspected. This can help to ensure that it is free of any buildup of dust and other pollutants. Over time, insects and rodents can leave droppings and debris behind. This can cause a decrease in your HVAC system and it will no longer run efficiently. The ductwork can also be inspected for any cracks or damage throughout. If this is not repaired, it can cause the air that is produced, to leak out through the cracks. It can also result in a higher monthly energy bill.


The thermostat should also be inspected in your home. This is because if the temperature of the home is different than the set temperature, there could be an issue with the thermostat or a problem with the ductwork. Make sure to contact us and we can inspect the HVAC system for you this fall.