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Furnace Inspections are Important


When you have a home, you will want to make sure that the furnace system is operating correctly. Make sure to have the furnace inspected by us, so you can ensure it is efficient and working properly when you will need it to be. Having your furnace inspected gives us an opportunity to check for possible issues and correct them before they turn into problems or emergencies. Here are seven reasons why you should schedule your furnace inspection now.

Longer Lasting Furnace

The longer you put off having an annual inspection done on your furnace, the more likely you’re going to have a breakdown. During an inspection, we may find small problems that if left unchecked could result in a major repair. Preventative maintenance for your furnace guarantees that all the parts in your furnace work together to heat your home safely and reliably for years to come.

Carbon Monoxide Leaks Avoided

When the heat exchanger in your furnace becomes cracked, gases like carbon monoxide can escape into your home. Carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless, and potentially deadly. For your family’s safety, it is important to inspect your furnace regularly to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. It is also wise to install a carbon monoxide detector outside of each bedroom to protect and alert family members.

Remove Dirt & Rust or Replace

A proper inspection includes checking for rust and dirt that can build up on the burners for the furnace. This type of buildup can create pockets that trap gas and cause hot spots on your furnace’s heat exchanger. Even if your furnace is new, it still requires inspection as different factors can cause rust and dirt to accumulate. The furnace’s internal parts wear out over time, which could cause it to stop working.

Improving Efficiency

Neglect your furnace’s annual inspections, and particles like dust and dirt can accumulate on any moving parts. This causes your furnace to work harder than necessary to maintain the heat in your home, which compromises efficiency. It will also cause the parts to run more difficult with one another and also wear out sooner. During an annual inspection, we will clean your furnace’s parts and make sure they work together properly. Your furnace is at its most efficient when its parts are clean, without anything preventing it from working correctly.

Change the Filter

A clean furnace filter catches dust and debris before it has a chance to circulate through your house, which can affect your indoor air quality. However, this is not the only time your furnace’s air filter should be replaced or cleaned during the winter you should check your furnace filter every month. If you are not sure how often to change the filter, make sure to contact us and we can advise you on the schedule.

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