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Make Sure the Thermostat Works Properly

The thermostat is a small piece of technology that can run into a surprising amount of potential problems. If your thermostat isn’t showing signs of life, if it’s not accurately maintaining your desired temperature, or if it is just doing odd things like turning itself on and off, then you’re facing one of the many possible thermostat problems that plague homeowners and businesses.
Make sure your thermostat is on and that, in the case of heating, the temperature set higher than the room temperature the thermostat is currently reading. In the case of cooling, make sure that the thermostat reads lower than the current room temperature.

If your thermostat is acting odd, it might be because it’s dirty. Buildup of dirt, dust and nicotine can all coat the inside, which may interfere with electrical and mechanical components within the thermostat. If you open the thermostat cover and notice dust, use a compressed can of air to clean the components.

If your thermostat isn’t showing the display, it may not be getting any power. There are three places you should check to ensure your thermostat is properly receiving power:

Check your circuit breaker. Your thermostat is wired into the electrical system. If the circuit the thermostat is on trips, then there will be no power to the thermostat. Go to your breaker box, locate the breaker that the thermostat is on, and make sure the switch is flipped to the on position.

Check the thermostat’s fuse. Some thermostats have a fuse located inside the device as additional protection from power surges. These fuses may occasionally blow or go bad. To check your thermostat’s fuse, take off the cover. The fuse will look like a clear canister with metal ends. Inside the fuse will be a filament that runs the length of the canister. If this filament is broken, then the fuse will need to be replaced.

Check the batteries. Most electronic thermostats run their display and controls on battery power. To find the batteries in your thermostat, take off its cover. The back panel of the cover often tell you where the batteries are located. If you can’t find them, consult your thermostat’s manual.

If your thermostat is “working” but you’re continually unsatisfied with its results, then it might be poorly placed in your home. Thermostats placed near drafty windows, doorways or stairwells may not read the average temperature of the house correctly. Likewise, having a thermostat located too close to sunny spots or your kitchen can also alter readings. If you notice anything out of the norm with the thermostat and your HVAC system, make sure to contact us so we can inspect the system for you.


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